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[Album] Degeneration - The New Artist Album From Sean Tyas

Highly respected international DJ, studio genius and veteran of the Trance scene Sean Tyas has been pioneering cutting edge sounds for the genre for well over a decade. It may therefore come as a surprise to learn that Degeneration is his debut artist album.

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Markus Schulz's Coldharbour Recordings joins Black Hole Distribution

Spanning 200 releases over the past decade, IDMA-nominated Coldharbour Recordings has captured the hearts and imagination of many fans within the electronica domain. And its storied tale undertakes a new chapter beginning in 2015 - joining the family at Black Hole distribution.

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Digital Society Presents Subculture at O² Academy Leeds (Friday 7th November 2014

Digital Society Presents Subculture UK at O2 Academy Leeds, headlined by label boss & Trance megastar JOHN O'CALLAGHAN, alongside a host of very special guests. Subculture has become one of the world's leading Trance labels, and the largest UK event edition launches in Leeds this November as the ultimate Subculture celebration!

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Black Hole Recordings launches online distribution platform

Dutch record company Black Hole Recordings launches new business unit: Black Hole Distribution. The new subdivision is made to serve as a full service distributor of musical content, for artists and labels of all genres. Black Hole Distribution has a music management system, developed as part of the Black Hole Recordings’ website. The online distribution platform will be launched May 25th 2014.

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